Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beer Washes Away Gay Dance Night

The Dynamic Duo was a wee bit saddened at missing our chance at a horseback ride so we chose to drown our sorrows in a couple (seven) pitchers of beer at the Tavern last night. Thanks to all who put up with our pathetic cries of "donkey punch" whilst mashing our fists together over the table, a la "Wonder Twins."

An additional shout out of gratitude to all the HPD officers who miraculously did not stop us on the way home last night.

In our drunken stupor we made plans to strike a different but equally important Item from the List - namely, gyrating on the dance floor of Chances - a wickedly fun gay bar. It, however, was not to be, as the effects of the alcohol necessitated lying on the couch with a cold washcloth over one's eyes and forehead.

I'm pleased to say that the four doses of Alka Seltzer I drank throughout the night did their job and I awoke with something less than an actual hangover. Three sausage and cheese Kolache Factory kolaches and a 20 oz. Coke later and I felt nearly myself. That didn't stop me from laying on the couch most of the day, but hey.

I did manage to venture out of the house long enough to buy groceries (HEB has a great sale on meat) and more party supplies for the Luau next weekend.

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  1. Man this blog sucks but i heard that don guy is witty and handsome and no this is not him just one of his many admierers uhh buzz kills okay to in a shemgiant sort of way