Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You Know Your Momma Taught You Better Than That!

Saturday we had a luau at our house to celebrate my daughter's high school graduation and my husband's birthday. We invited about 75 people over. Over the course of the day, around 55 showed up. One of those was a longtime friend and former employer of mine. When we worked together, about 10 years ago, I met his sister a few times and we hung out a little. So I was not surprised when he brought her with him to the party.

My pleasure at seeing her lastest all of about 6 minutes. She promptly found a seat in the shady part of the back yard and instructed her son to come in the house and tell me to fix her a plate. She wanted three ribs, two pieces of bread & bbq sauce. Upon hearing the request from her son I turned up my Dr. Pepper. I figured as long as something was going in my mouth nothing bad could come out. I reminded myself that I was very blessed and made the plate.

Fifteen minutes later the kid was back for seconds. Another ten minutes later, he was loading up more food on the plate and asking for aluminum foil. Keep in mind that I have meat on the grill and am cooking as fast as I can. There are new arrivals who haven't yet eaten and she is packing plates to take home!

Another 30 minutes or so and I am still in the house preparing food for my guests. I have yet to sit down or relax myself. The kid comes back in the house because his mom wants to know when we are going to cut the cakes. I said it would be at least another hour because I want all the guests (and me) to have a chance to eat.

Before I could turn around good, the mom was behind me in the kitchen packing ANOTHER plate. She looked in every pot and pan and had the nerve to ask if that was all the meat! Then she asked about the cake. I told her I didn't have time to cut the cake. Ray Charles could have seen how busy I was!

She then asked for the aluminum foil (again) and while she wrapped her plate wanted to know when my daughter was due. I politely explained that my daughter is NOT pregnant, simply a little plump. The heifer practically called me a liar and told me not to send her an invitation to a baby shower in a couple months. As if!

Then, the last straw. She cut my husband's birthday cake! I lost it. I used a few choice words and asked her to get out of my house and not come back. I couldn't believe how incredibly rude and inconsiderate she'd been. I was working my A$$ off and she expected me to wait on her hand and foot, send 3 plates of food home with her and cut the cake on her schedule. I know this isn't witty or even very interesting, but I'm PISSED. I would never go to someone's house and behave in such a way. I might expect such behavior from a child but this was a grown woman (older than 30).

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  1. " This comment is from Mon I Ac"

    That is a greedy as hungry ho. Ghetto how are you going to go to a friends house and after not seeing her for a long time act like that. Man people like that make you think about inviting people over to your house. I would have gave her a can of Chinga Tu Madre to go, and don’t ever come back to my house again. Then again I would have told her Oh don’t worry I will make u a plate to go get a whole lot of beans and put them in a plate wrap it really good and told her to have a good day Thanks for coming and never come back.