Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What a week!

In the last 10 days I have done several things I am not particularly fond of, some of them more than once. They include: shopped for school clothes; visited the emergency room; added a class, dropped it and added it back again (all because my prof can't keep straight which section gives me the credit I need); worked on a mind-boggling report until my eyes bled only to have the meeting canceled; stepped on a scale; subjected myself to a sleep study; was outbid on a replacement Blackberry on Ebay; started a diet; blew a diet; took my kid to orientation at her new school; argued with my ex over our kid; waxed my eyebrows and found out that a couple of my "friends" said something very hurtful about me behind my back.

But, there were also good things that happened. I took my 12-year-old to get her eyebrows waxed for the first time. She tried really hard not to cry and it was pretty funny. My husband and I took my mother-in-law to dinner Saturday. I always enjoy her company. I had a long talk with my oldest daughter and was impressed by her maturity and sincerity. I don't know how I managed to raise such a beautiful person. My husband didn't go blind from his accident. I could go on, but you get the point. For every negative, there is a positive. For every action, an equal and opposite reaction. Life is both good and bad, rewarding and frustrating. I'm just happy I am along for the ride.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Update, Sans Amy Poehler

Word is, Amy Poehler is teaming up with Seth Meyers for a prime time Thursday edition lead-in designed to boost ratings for her new series, Parks and Recreation. This "Weekend Update" has nothing to do with that. My kids have discovered my blog and think that I am supposed to report on every single activity they engage in - from the really cool stuff to random farting. The fact that my mom, who lives in another state, also reads and is anxious to keep tabs on the grandbabies is added justification for what I'm about to subject you to.

First, let me correct my oversight in not reporting that the day before the circus we went to the Galleria. The Galleria, mom, is a huge shopping mall (3 or 4 stories high and several city blocks) full of over-priced stores and an indoor ice-skating rink. We had lunch there and visited a few stores. I bought a cool black LA Ink t-shirt at Torrid. The v-neck is back!

But the real reason for our visit was so the girls could try out the trampoline bungee jump. They have two big-ass trampolines set up side by side. Each trampoline has two poles sticking up one story high with bungee cords attached to them. They put the kid on the trampoline and buckle her into a harness attached to the bungee cords. When the kid starts jumping she goes really high. High enough to execute flips and come eye-to-eye with people shopping on the next floor. Needless to say, they loved it.

This weekend it was, "Drivers, start your engines!" as mom and dad took on the little girls in a go-kart race. We went to a track off 249 and raced around the track as fast as the karts would go. Then we stopped by Willowbrook Mall and did a little window shopping.