Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 1 - Hershey's

Ever have one of those days where you are in the office and you just don't feel like doing a effin thing? (BK)
Damn right (TD)
Actually, before we get started we should let you know that this is a tag team effort at blogging. (BK)
Damn right, death to cubicles (TD)

So, anyway, we were just fine until lunch. Working hard and stuff until we went to Pappa's Seafood and I was ruminating on Edward Cullen and the Isle of Esme when TD totally interrupted my daydreaming to ask why I had spittle on the corner of my mouth. (BK)

Side note: vampires are supposed to be blood hungry beasts, not pansies that are suckers for love looking to woo hearts but rip them out still beating. (TD)

Okay, so, as not to sound too weird to our other lunch mates I said that I was thinking about a vacation to a tropical isle because the Meyer chick did such a great job of describing that island off the coast of Brazil that Edward took Bella to for their honeymoon. Which then led to our discussion of places we wanted to visit and things we wanted to do ---- bucket list style. (BK)

Step 1 - make a list. Step 2 - compare said lists. Step 3 - KICK ASS (TD)

So, here we go. We are starting our lists as of today. This blog is to commemorate the shit we do, the planning beforehand and the blisters and hangovers afterwards. We have pretty lengthy lists to start with (see "Bucket or Fuck It" to the left) but are open to suggestions. We will also post pictures and/or videos as proof of our escapades.

Adventure #1: Equine Expedition. Scheduled for this weekend.

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