Thursday, May 28, 2009

2 to 5 on the Horse Back Ride

So, we planned to cross off a List Item this weekend by riding a horse. A mutual friend said her brother had a horse he would let us ride. It was all set. Then about 8 p.m. last night my phone rang. It was M.F. (mutual friend) calling to say that we would have to find another horse because her brother got arrested in front of their grandmother's house just an hour earlier.

The irony of the situation is that he was arrested over said horse. Turns out he needed a place to stable the pony and his granny had referred him to a guy in the area. He met with the guy and paid the monthly fee. The horse had been there just a couple days when he learned that he had paid more than other customers.

Feeling cheated, he went to the stable and confronted the man, who happened to be drunk at the time. MF's brother demanded a refund but the Stable Owner had no cash. He offered his bottle of whiskey as collateral until he could cough up the dough. MF's bro took the bottle and started to walk away when Stable Owner suddenly regretted his decision and asked for his bottle back.

The bro gave it to him, up side his head! Assault with a deadly weapon. He's been dodging the po-po's for the last 2 months (on the advice of his attorney) but HPD finally caught up to him last night. On the bright side, MF is going to sell the horse to pay legal expenses so we might end up owning a horse we can ride any time we want!

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  1. Update: Jan. 8, 2010: Mutual Friend's brother served a few months in jail but got out before Christmas. Not sure what happened to the horse.