Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mossy Nissan Rules! Cash for Clunkers Scores Big!

Yippee-eye-ay! 18-year-old baby got a brand spanking new car despite having no credit, no money and a mother with a credit score lower than George W. Bush's IQ. But what mom did have was clear title to a 2002 Ford Windstar with a combined EPA rating of 18 MPG. And as of 6 p.m. today Mom's clunker is rusting away at MOSSY NISSAN on the Katy Freeway in Houston, Texas. Tomorrow it will suck it's last ozone deteriorating fumes as it is driven around to the back lot to await it's date with death.

The BEST DAMN CAR SALESMAN ON THE PLANET, KIRK VERRETT, deserves ALL the credit. He worked with UBER FINANCE MAN, BRENT DeMOSS, to put together a deal that put all other dealerships we visited to shame. In particular, I would like to warn my friends away from Don McGill Toyota. {If you are not my friend, I suggest you high-tail it over there right now}. I had an inexperienced salesman who made promises he couldn't deliver and wasted an inordinate amount of my time in the process. It was an utterly frustrating process until I spoke to TBDCSOTP, KIRK VERRETT, at MOSSY NISSAN.

Kirk shot straight with me. He told me exactly what he could do and then he DELIVERED. And, not only did he do what he said, he did it quickly. Turn around time from first conversation to driving away, all paperwork signed ~ less than 24 hours! You can reach Kirk and Brent by calling the dealership at 281-496-2200.

For the record, I am not being compensated in any way for this post. I feel that when people help us out, do things that they don't necessarily have to do, or are just plain nice - as both of these gentlemen were - we should spread the love. They put a smile on my daughter's face and that's all I need. They treated me as well as they would have treated someone with a perfect credit score and plenty of cash to spend. They were honest and respectful and I appreciate it. This is how I show my appreciation.

If you are interested in the Cash for Clunkers Program click here and see if your trade in qualifies. If it does, familiarize yourself with these rules:
  1. It must have been registered in your name for the last 12 months.
  2. You must have proof of insurance for those same 12 months.
  3. You must be able to drive the vehicle to the dealership.
  4. The person who is trading in the vehicle must be on the title of the new vehicle. Example: The van we traded was in my name alone but my daughter and I are both on the new car.
  5. You can only buy a new car. Doesn't work for used.
  6. You can only get one rebate.
  7. The rebate is either $3,500 or $4,500.
  8. The amount of your rebate depends upon the difference in MPG between your trade in and your new vehicle. Improve your MPG by 10 or less and you get $3,500. Improve 11 or more and you get $4,500.

This deal isn't for everyone and the money is limited. The Federal Government committed $1 Billion to this program ~ roughly 230,000 cars. If the money doesn't run out first CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System) will end November 1, 2009, so this is what is traditionally referred to as a "Limited Time Offer." The program officially kicked off Monday, July 27 and after three full days the estimated remaining balance in the fund is $858 million. That's a little over $47 million a day. At this rate, the money will be gone in three weeks. Get yours now, before it's too late! Call my buddy Kirk and let him get you rolling.

P.S. Kirk, I was serious about shooting Ole Blue full of holes. If management is down, give me a call and we'll have target practice!

P.P.S. I hope you aren't a Bush fan, otherwise this post just got a little awkward.

P.P.P.S. Even if you are a Bush fan, you are still TBDCSOTP

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  1. LMFAO!! I wonder if Mr. McGill at Toyota is going to read this?? LOL